10 Most Haunted Places In Las Vegas

Hey guys, thank you for tuning in to hear some spooky tales from Amy’s crypt. My travels recently took me to Las Vegas, which I didn’t realize was so freaky and I’m really excited to share with you.

My top 10 most haunted places in Las Vegas.

So, let’s kick it off with number ten number. Ten, the mob museum Las Vegas was once run by a criminal underbelly. The exploits of Sin, City’s infamous mobsters, have been immortalized within the mob museum set up in the former courthouse that prosecuted. Many of them countless reports of paranormal activity occurring in the building after dark have been made number nine, the Excalibur Hotel, the medieval designed Excalibur Hotel is one of the most popular on the strip, yet also one of the most haunted casino. The tenth floor is notorious for frequently occurring paranormal events. Guests claimed to have felt the sensation of being closely followed when alone in the hallways.

Poltergeist activity is also present, with furniture being moved by invisible forces and electronic equipment malfunctioning for no apparent reason. Number eight Madame Tussauds, Madame Tussauds, is a wax figure: museum bustling with tourists during the day and active with spirits by night staff at the venue have reported hearing, unexplainable, laughter and the clinking of glasses, some even claim to have been pushed by unseen forces. At one point in time, this area was occupied by the old Copa room and it is believed a ghost seen in 1970s.

Clothing is still lingering. From this era. Number seven Caesars Palace, Caesars, Palace, Hotel and Casino – is one of the grandest in Las Vegas rumor. Has it that the female bathrooms may be haunted inside the venue automatic taps that turn on by themselves, when no one is around is common? The casinos profits were also once plagued by mysterious and haunted craps table.

It is said that this table paid out and favored gamblers for an unheard-of 13 months straight before being removed and destroyed. Number 6, the West Gate, the West Gate Hotel, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, was once frequented by Elvis Presley who performed there for many years since Elvis’s death. Many claims have been made that he continues to hang around the West Gate.

Hotel people say that they have heard sensed and even seen, Elvis inside the hotel most commonly inside the showroom higher floor hallways and backstage number 5. The Flamingo Bugsy Siegel was a notorious mobster responsible for opening the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. He was killed in 1947, but his spirit remained restless and returned to the Flamingo Hotel. His apparition has been cited countless times by staff and guests who have reported him near the pool area, the Presidential Suite and the wedding chapel, which once made up his living quarters number four. The Luxor, the Luxor’s Pyramid, Like design and history of death, led to rumors that it may be cursed and, of course, haunted.

Multiple ghosts are said to have taken residence within the building during the Luxor’s construction. Two workmen lost their lives in fatal accidents and continue to still wander the casino and hotel. Two more deaths have been recorded from people jumping from the open hotel hallways to the casino floor below their spirits are thought to wonder the hallways of the 14th and 26th floor, giving off cold spots and breathing down visitors, necks, number, three Circus, Circus Circus Circus is Said to hold one of the most haunted rooms of any Las Vegas hotel room. One two three was the site of a tragic murder-suicide where a mother shot her young son and herself, the mother and child are thought to have remained within the room after death.

Searching for the boy’s father guests have also reported hearing unexplained voices crying for help from other rooms and the poker area, as well as seeing the words help me written on to steamed up mirrors inside bathrooms. Number 2 zak bagans the haunted museum, zak bagans. The host of paranormal show Ghost Adventures and lifetime collector of haunted objects recently opened up a Museum of oddities and cursed artifacts. It exists in a real haunted house where satanic rituals were once performed in the basement and contains some of the world’s most haunted objects, such as the Dybbuk box and Peggy.

The doll number one Bally’s, the original MGM Grand – was the scene of a terrible fire in November of 1980 trapping many in the upper floors of the hotel and claiming 85 lives. Following the tragic event the hotel was taken over by Bally’s to be restored and renovated. Since then, strange events have occurred within the Hotel and Casino people have reportedly heard screams coming from the stairwells smelt, the strong scent of smoke and seen apparitions on the upper floors of the hotel, the ghost of an elderly woman playing slot machines with her dress aflame. In the casino and the cries of a young boy for his mother, coming from this 17th floor have also been reported. Thank you so much for watching.

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