Competitive Gaming – Amateur Esport Overwatch League Guide

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The biggest ones have a lot of visibility through streams and news in the Overwatch launcher and web pages, and on social media sites. These are usually organized by Blizzard itself and have a huge prize pool distributed between professional teams. So what are professional teams? Players in these groups get paid for playing. They work together and practice against other high tier teams somewhere, but teaming up and practicing is not just for pros only. There is an introductory level to esports, which casual players can get into, and climb to the top from there.

The level they can reach comes down to the level of determination and amount of invested time. So let’s talk about the benefits of playing in a competitive team.The number one thing is improvement. You will experience Overwatch in a way you never thought possible. Even if you only dedicate a few hours a week to play competitively, you should improve a lot. This is because a team environment where everyone is competitive minded doesn’t have the pitfalls of solo play with free spins bonus Casinoslots Ireland.

There shouldn’t be any trolls in these matches, all players will know their roles, and they are going to concentrate on taking the objective together. All in all it is a lot better place for improvement because there is a lot less annoyance going on. You can really focus on the joys of the game, without dealing with random irritations. Of course playing in a team against other teams will not be easy.

You need to work together with 5 other people, fulfilling your role as best as possible. Playing in a well coordinated manner is hard in itself, and you will most likely need to practice a lot together to become used to each other’s play style. We think it is really worth the effort though.Did you notice, that we are talking about competitive Overwatch, and ranks were still not mentioned? That’s because if you play in a team, it really does not matter how you perform in solo queue. That too can be a plus for some.

Alright, getting into esports is not that hard. You don’t even have to be really good in Overwatch to do so, as there are teams on all levels. From bronze to top500, everyone can find or establish a team they enjoy playing with. The first step is to find a team. It is important to know that competitive teams are usually have a lineup they play with and a schedule when all players are there to play together. By joining the team you may have to take a role and keep to it(for example playing only supports), and adjust your playtime so you are able to play with your group.

Consider if you can dedicate time to do so, but it is really worth it if you want to improve you game, even if you don’t chase professional dreams. In order to join or create a team, you need to find others to play with. The number one tip is that if you don’t have any previous team experience, join an already established group. This will teach you the basics, so you can create your team later if needed.

The first place where you can start looking for teams are Discord servers. We linked invites to the big Overwatch servers, where you should look for channels called with ‘lf’ (stands for looking for) in their name. These are either channels for teams looking for players or the other way around. If you found a team that you like, send them a direct message and ask about how to get in the team. Of course you can post your looking for team message too if that is what you want.

Apart from the Discord servers, you can use Reddit or different online sites for finding teams. These are linked in the description, however feel free to add to the list in a comment, we will put these suggestions in the description! If you need more help, feel free to join Overwatchdojo ‘s Discord server and ask for it.

We are there to help! So this is the part where you take action. Sit down for a moment and think if you would like to try a new and exciting experience that is being an amateur esport athlete.

If you have the determination and allocate time for this hobby, we would suggest to give it a chance. In case you need a helping hand on the next steps, here is what you should do: Click on one of the Discord invites in the description. Wait until the page loads and either join in the Discord app, or use your nickname to join from your browser. Find the looking for players channel and read through the posts. If you find anything fitting, send a direct message to the author and get started!

If you still don’t find anything interesting, post your own looking for message in a proper channel. It usually starts with discussing availability and motivations, the role you need to fill and how the team works. Then you will be accepted or tried out in some scrims.