Hi everyone, welcome back you with Roland Bianco from My Casino Index. This is your video for lucky numbers I was actually inspired by spirit to give you some lucky numbers for This month moving forward. I do advise you to use and practice with investing or betting on your lucky numbers multiple times I used my lucky numbers on a lottery in Thailand and I actually won the three numbers three first numbers added a sixth number lottery on Fixed tickets but it did take me a little while to win though win that ticket.

I bought one ticket which cost $1 and I purchased over a course of Maybe three or four months a number of tickets The lottery there is drawn twice a month so depending on the state of where you’re in if You’re allowed to gamble if you’re not allowed to gamble what sort of lotteries you can do What sort of balls you can pick what sort of things you can rearrange? You can use your lucky numbers, but you must one follow your intuition This is totally for fun. So there’s no responsibility on my part giving you your lucky numbers You have to use them in the way that you decide to use them whether you use them or not firstly I’d like to advise you to look up your numerology birth chart calculator for your name your birth name The name you were given at birth It doesn’t matter If you’ve changed your name you do not use that name your name that you were given at birth is the imprint on your soul and You look at the numerology name Calculator I’ll put a link below with how to do that So a is 1 B is 2 You add up all numbers and bring them down to a common number between 1 and 9 if you get 22 or 11 you do not reduce that number because it is a master number so If whatever numbers are missing from your name or birth date?

Your full birthdate do not bet on those numbers. Say you’re missing a 4 and an 8. I recommend not to live in any houses that I add up to those numbers or Bet on those numbers or use those numbers because it can activate karma with those numbers Okay, and if the comm is not good with those numbers, then it can bring in something. That is not great So work out your lucky numbers With your birth date so work out.

What what numbers you have in your birth name and your Your date of birth. So add up your date of birth Bring it down to one number between one and nine or it could be an 11 or a 22 That is your birth your destiny Path number you add your destiny Path number to the number of the day you were born on so if you’re born on the 2nd of a particular Month, then you would add 2 to your destiny Path number that is one of the lucky numbers you can use the other lucky number You can use is any of the numbers in your birth name? Or your birth date or day You can use Another lucky number is the degree on which your ascendant is if that degree is, correct So if you’re born 19 degrees cancer or so in nineteen degrees cancer ascendant then 19 degrees or 19 would be your lucky number as well through the astrology So I’m giving you lucky numbers through numerology astrology And I’m going to do a round and pick with the cards and see for each individual Astro sign What numbers come up for you in the cards? This is for the new moon in May moving forward as Uranus is in Taurus. It can activate a brand new chapter in your financial situation and your finances resurrecting and restructuring finances for everybody and also planetary finances and This can impact an in part for you from now right through The year so we don’t have to do this again. So just focus on your lucky numbers work them out go back over this video and work out what your lucky numbers are and Carefully to what I’ve said because you can calculate your lucky number.

So your destiny Path number added to your birthday number so if you’re born on the 11th or the second or the seventh That’s the lucky number. Another lucky number is your name added up and brought down to one number? I’m actually an 11 11 born on the 11th and my number my name number at birth is an 11 So I’m a double 11 with a 5 vibration of destiny path so Double 11 is a natural channel, so that’s why I channel messages for you So, you know, it’s not it’s not rocket science and you can work out what your strengths and weaknesses are with your numbers So I hope you understand exactly what I’ve said, and if you don’t release into the video So all the numbers in your birth name are great. Any missing numbers out of your birth name do not bet on Your birth date number Your destiny Path number your destiny Path number added up also To your birthday number is can be a lucky number okay, so if you your destiny path is 5 and your birth number is 2 So if you’re born on the 11th, and your lucky number would be 7 like mine. Lucky number 7 my rising sign Degree is 9 and I’ve bet on 9 Quite a lot before and actually won that ticket in Thailand through the nine vibration. So just work out what you want to do What combinations you want to do?

Keep your numbers handy? So if you do get a hunch to buy a ticket or pick some numbers for a lottery or Do something specific where you have to use your numbers? Then go ahead and do it I don’t, you know encourage gambling, but if you have a hunch and if you’ve got good transits for winning money, or Getting something through numbers that it’s going to be beneficial to you then go for it So without further ado, I’m just going to do a round and I’m not in any order here So we got to do Aries through to Pisces and I’m just going to pick what pile I think I’m drawn to For each sign so I’m going to start with Aries and All the of course up, right? So I’m just gonna get the numbers for you okay, so that is 18 we’ve got an 18 for Aries 18 we’ve also got a 14 and some of the the numbers in America and some of the bigger lotteries got to like 44 or something 46 numbers, so you might have to You know work that out. So if you’re going to be going up into the big numbers Then you might do if you’ve got good numbers in your in your birth date so you’ve got a four and a lots of fours and choose in your birthday or your your Numbers for your name you might do a 42. Okay, so seven One 10 one so that can be an 11 double one and another one so that can be another one so that can be I’m also getting 33 33 for Aries as well Okay, because we’ve got three ones which is a three and I think of it It’s a double so we’ll do that as a 3.

So Taurus. I just grabbed this one. So we’ll go with this one Taurus 2 7 8 2 so 2 + 2 is 22 so you could also do 22 and 5 For a Taurus.

I also think a 7 could go for Taurus as well a 5 and a 2 as a 7 Okay. Now let’s tune in for Gemini Gemini 3 5 8 10 10 so that can also be a twenty ten and ten Seven one night. I just say he’s a wonder Eight 5h again, so you might got eighty eight. You might go fifty eight eighty five six three and Six six three six so you might get 36 6336 okay, so that sort of has a ring to it Gemini alright next sign cancer 1/1 I’ll say one there as well so that can be 111 it can be 11 as well Or when we’ve got another one here Double 11 the cancer they can be a four Okay for cancer or it can be an 11 11 11 or 22 as well I’m getting 22 there and a 9 for cancer so it can be 29 as well 29 11 22 you’ve got the master numbers there cancer Okay, so that makes sense. Alright 21 as well for cancer right, Leo Leo twenty one Three One that can be a thirty one Four Five that can be a forty five Four nine That can be a 49 or a 94 Okay, next I’m next sign next sign is There go Okay, one one that can be an 11 or a two five one 15 or 51 One to 21 or twelve Go Virgo libra 9 6 Can be 9669 7 and 19 Okay Libra 1991 9 so you’ve got a vibe here with the nines six?

Seven So John says 69. Oh, that’s a nine there. Yeah, six seven seventy six Also 16 I’m getting as well sixteen or 61 okay Scorpio Okay, – or eleven Six 666 2662 one Zero so that can be a 10. Okay and another one so that can be an 11 or One Seventeen Seventeen was 71 and a three. Okay thirty-six 63-62 2673 37 Twenties Maybe also an a chain as well.

Okay? All right, what sign are we up to such a serious so it says it that was Scorpio Sagittarius Hope we didn’t miss a sign huh Sagittarius one Eleven To Twenty one twelve twenty twenty to eight Twenty eight as well 1661 One 111 to as well and 929 and also nineteen I Don’t know as many piles and might have to shuffle for the last one Pisces. Okay, so such a Sagittarius Capricorn Capricorn that’s Aquarius. Okay, three eight seven Fifteen three eight seven fifteen so thirty-eight thirty-seven fifteen 83-78 Capricorn what else have I got for Capricorn five?

You’ve also got your your card the devil five Three definitely 553 and thirty five as well for Capricorn Okay, Aquarius. I’m going to have to reshuffle for Pisces. Maybe I didn’t pick another enough decks. Okay one Aquarius for 444 1 1 11 22 4 so 44 is 8 as well nine eighty nine. Ninety eight Seven and ten seventeen and a ten and a 2010 ten and twenty Okay, that’s a nice one Aquarius Okay, so I’m going to shuffle for Pisces Pisces is going to get a good one. Okay?

see lucky last Pisces lucky lucky lucky because You might just get them a nice pick so Pisces Okay pisces 1:5 so that’s 15 or 51 – that can be also a seven and One is three one or three? Four you’ve got some nice small numbers for forty one forty to forty five Forty eight or 8 and 1 is to 2 or 1118 as well for Pisces. So I hope you enjoyed this session and Yeah, all the best lots of luck.

Lot’s of luck moving forward. It’s a lucky time to be Tuning into your numbers. I wish you all the very best ciao for now