Oscar Movie Games

Whilst all the fuss about the Oscars is still around, I went digging and found that only 5 games were based on films that received the highest prize: the Oscar for best picture. So, let’s take a look, leave your comments and, please, correct me if I’m wrong! Directed in 1972 by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather won three Oscars: best picture, best actor in a leading role and best screenplay. Several years later, in 1991, came from US Gold the first game based in this marvelous movie franchise. The Godfather, available for DOS, Amiga and Atari ST, has 5 levels to offer in which were depicted some scenes and locations taken from all three films. In this side scrolling action game, with some occasional first person shooter sequences, we’re invited to visit this website and roam through the streets of New York City, Miami and the Italian village of Corleone.

The objective is quite simple: shoot all gangsters and reach the end of each level. Be careful, though, not to hit the innocent people that can also be found on those perilous streets. I don’t quite remember to play this game when it was released. But I can say that, when I first tried it for the purposes of this video, I was entertained for quite a bit! Also more recently, in 2006, Electronic Arts released a new game based exclusively on the first movie of the franchise. Available for Windows, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox360 and Wii, this new and fresher vision of The Godfather includes the amazing voice performances from a few members of the  original cast: James Caan, Robert Duvall, Abe Vigoda and Marlon Brando himself, but, because of his health state, the audio quality needed wasn’t achieved. Al Pacino was also absent from the game, ‘cause his image was already being used in “Scarface: The World is Yours”, released in this same year. The gameplay style is something already seen in Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, and the True Crime franchises, you know, that kind of free roaming / sand box / mission based type of thing, but in a Godfather environment. Great sound, great music, great graphics, but gameplay and controls could be a lot better.

This game had average reviews, probably because all the fuss about the disapproval from director Francis Ford Coppola that publicly stated that Electronic Arts’ main goal was to profiteer from his 1972 masterpiece. The 1975 Academy Award Ceremony contemplated The Godfather Part II with 6 Oscars: best picture, best actor in a supporting role, best director, best screenplay, best art direction and best original musical score. Only 35 years later, in 2009, we’ve had a video game based on it. Electronic Arts was, once again, the developer responsible for this mediocre conversion of one of the best movies ever made. Shame on you, Electronic Arts! This masterpiece should have been treated with more respect! Released for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this open world action-adventure game is, obviously, the sequel to the 2006 Electronic Arts’ Godfather title, that tries to expand and improve its own gameplay, but fails drastically! The “fatality” mode, “a la” Mortal Kombat, is completely unnecessary in this type of game.